Smart Safe Kids

Smart Safe Kids is the most important school assembly show out there.  Parents and teachers assume that our kids know how to travel safely while walking to school, riding their bicycles or skateboarding through parking lots.  That assumption is shockingly false!  

Greg Kovacevich has performed throughout California for kids of all ages.  With his high-energy performances of magic, juggling, sight gags and comedy, Greg has captivated and entertained audiences while teaching life-saving safety strategies that apply to their everyday activities. 

This video is the best way to witness some of the powerful safety lessons that are made clear in each and every assembly.  There are 13 Smart Safe issues addressed in each program.  Kids of all ages will learn:
•Why they should ride their bikes with the flow of traffic
•How to know a car is in reverse and getting ready to back up
•Why to always look left and then right before crossing the street
•And many more important lessons...

The Smart Safe Kids assembly is the perfect combination of entertaining and empowering by teaching kids these important safety lessons.  

We ask you to take the CHALLENGE:  Watch the video and see how many potentially life-threatening kid activities YOU were unaware of!Video.htmlVideo.htmlshapeimage_4_link_0shapeimage_4_link_1




The Smart Safe Kids safety lessons are derived from the

Advanced Driver Training Methods of the CULLINGTON DRIVING CONCEPTS™